Alfred Hitchcock presents: `The Birds`

Every Friday my company has a corporate Barbecue, this is an opportunity for the employees to relax and have some fun together. This particular Friday (June 1, 2007) happened to be a crappy day for me. This was a result of several things combined into a single day. Suffice to say, this lighted up my day a little. Sadly, the bird had to die for my enjoyment, but I will let you decide if it was worth it or not. The first image makes is difficult to see what is going on:


From this image if you look in the upper left hand side of the image you will start to see the silhouette of a bird. Upon closer inspection you will see that it is nearly perfect:


It appears that the bird was attempting to stop once it realized what was about to happen. You will notice the wings down, as well as the tail feathers down. Which appears to me that the bird was attempting to stop or at least slow down. The following is an image of the bird itself:


My personal favorite is the commentary made by a co-worker, Ken Kirkland:

Commentary from Ken

What do you think of this unfortunate accident? Do you hate me now because I got pleasure out of this accident? Leave your comments and let me know.


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