Allowing professionals to work

I can do it myself! Working as a PHP developer I have quickly noticed that there are a lot of people in this world that try to do things themselves. Tinkering and playing with something has always been a very productive way to learn, grow and expand ones ability to do something. Sad as it is, there is a time to play and a time to get the job done properly.This last week, I had a very interesting experience.

A customer of the company I work for came in with an emergency. The customer had forgotten to get credit card processing set up so that he could take orders at an upcoming convention. So, the customer contacted my company and contracted us to solve the problem. I have no problems working under these kinds of circumstances, in fact, I thrive under these kinds of situations. We accepted the job and went to work.

First of all, if I am going to work on something, I need to have all of the items that I request. This allows me to properly do my job. It allows any one to do their job. Second, if you hire someone to work on a page, it is probably best to leave the page alone while they work on it. There were several instances where the file would completely disappear on us while we were working on the file. Makes for a long job!

Well, the job went well, and we were able to get everything completed. Even though we had to fight with the credit card merchant provider trying to get test credit card information. Sometimes it feels like I should have been a dentist, I seem to pull to many teeth. Although, this is another story entirely.

I received a phone call the day after we completed the project. The customer said that he tried to do a few things, and all of a sudden things stopped working. HELP! So off to work again. It is nice when all these hours are billable. Once again, we got everything working. What is the moral of the story you ask?

A certain man is driving down a street on a rainy day. He notices a power line that has fallen off a power pole. “This is a great danger to others,” so he stops his car. He nonchalantly grabs the line to put it back on the pole. He is electrocuted and thrown across the street. Later that day the man died from the traumatic experience.

Normal people do not touch power lines because they are not trained to do so. Let the power company do it. When it comes to programming, let the programmers do it! This protects your data from a very painful death.

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