Rockman a.k.a Megaman

My co-workers and I have been on a Mega Man kick as of late. We all got the anniversary edition for XBox (It was also released for the Nintendo GameCube, and Sonly Playstation) and have been enjoying the goodness known as Mega Man. We started making of fun of the way that the game developers started naming things, and we decided to start making our own Mega Man bad guys.

This idea quickly evolved as everyone in the office started to get involved sharing names and ideas for bad guys. This started me think… I began to envision a web site that would allow users to submit their names, images, and other items to a web site where other people could upload their ideas on the original persons idea. The idea is to create a community that is devoted to custom Mega Man characters. The hope was to eventually create a Flash or Java based game platform, that would allow users to create Mega Man levels and games. Once these levels were created they could be shared with other users. The idea was to use the domain as a portal. As of the writing of this entry, the site is yet to be worked on (Need to find more time) but I am planning on spending some time next week to get things at least rolling on the idea. Until then here are some of the Mega Man bad guys we came up with.

Zulu ManZombie ManSkunk Man

Shroom ManGhost ManFlash Action Man

Disco ManCowboy ManBrain Storm Man

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