In another never ending battle, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD seem to be in a bitter struggle of survival. Which will win? Which will die, never to be seen again? Everyone seems to have an opinion, and as of yet, it seems that no decision has been made, or is it simple to early in the race to decide?

Looking at the paper Blu-Ray appears to be the better technology. It currently and theoretically hold lots more data than the competing HD-DVD. Sony’s Playstation 3 uses it and offers a wide variety of features. HD-DVD doesn’t seem to have near the features that Blu-Ray does, so what will win.

In my opinion, if things remain constant, I think that HD-DVD will win. Why is that you may ask? Price. The Blu-Ray players start at $800 currently and to buy a new movie, it costs $29.99 simply to purchase a movie. Blu-Ray will never win this battle if the price doesn’t come down. That doesn’t mean that I support HD-DVD, on the contrary, I support the Blu-Ray technology, but at the current price. I will never buy one!

First things first, before a winner can be decided HD TV’s must be more main stream. Why should I purchase either one of them if my TV can not even support it? That seems stupid to me. So once again, next year when they turn off standard definition TV signals and force every one to make the change to HD, I will then be forced to buy an HD TV. Once I have an HD TV, then I will buy an HD player, until then, I am going to let them duke it out, and hopefully the winner will be decided.

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