Touchscreens – The new computer interface

I am surprised by all of the technology that is coming out. It is interesting to me, that we are still living in the stone ages though. I mean, think about it… Processor speeds grow at a nearly exponential rate, memory is growing just as fast, hard drive sizes are as well. With all of these advances, do we still use the arcane method of a mouse and keyboard. Sure, the have finally started adding finger print scanners to laptops to use instead of passwords, but there is a serious lack of innovation when it comes to user input.

I know, I know, everyone will try to crucify me over my next statement, but I really feel that this is something that Microsoft is getting right this time. Their new surface computing platform appears to be wonderful leap forward in the way we use technology in our everyday lives.

It looks to use several modern technologies, that up to this point, I have to admit, have been useless. BlueTooth for example… Oh boy, a wireless headset for my cell phone. What else would you use it for? Well, with the new Microsoft surface, it can be used for quick and easy networking, to be able to quickly and easily exchange photos, directions, and all kinds of other possibilities. Doesn’t just take my word for it, look at it yourself and you decide.

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