Iron Man Review

I have been incredibly excited for this summer to come. Why is that you may ask? Well, there are several very exciting movies coming out in the next few months. I saw Iron Man last week, and I must say, overall I was very impressed. The special effects were great. The script was well written (a few of the comic book movies have had some dumb lines). Everyone that I have talked to has enjoyed the film. Even the wifes of my friends and co-workers have enjoyed it. This isn’t just your typical super hero comic book movie. It is fun for all. I recommend you watch it and, make sure that you stay through the credits. There is a scene with Nick Fury, I know of several people that were confused by this scene. But this leaves the door open for a lot of really good things.

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  1. Geek Wife says:

    Hey Dallin…I just got bored while home with Seda so I thought I’d go looking online…I think by wifes of friends, you might have meant ME! I loved Iron Man, it was an awesome movie. I really liked it because it had enough geek for Brice and enough personal development and interaction for me. Just thought I’d share :)

  2. Nikkdawg says:

    The thing about Iron man is that it was that, from what I read, it is the first superhero film produced by Marvel themselves. So kudos to Stan “the man” and his legacy… …it stands to reason that the guys who wrote the characters and have a vested interest in them would get what the comic book was all about. I’m excited to see what comes out of this moviemaking branch of marvel, I think we may be seeing more high quality, true to the comic movies like this one. But considering where they are coming from… …anything without Halle Berry is a step up!

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  4. Gracelin says:

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