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The trouble with other peoples hardware

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Last night while I was sleeping (or rather, trying to sleep, my allergies have been getting to me the last few days) I received a phone call. It was one of my clients. He said that he had been unable to access his computer for the last 40 minutes and wanted me to check it out. It never seems to fail, I leave for the weekend, and that is when the disasters happen. Fortunately, last week I replaced my border switch with a Cisco 2924, this made it possible to troubleshoot a lot more without actually being on site in the data center. I found that all my hosting equipment was working right and that my clients computer had a link. So I called the on call technician and had him restart the computer. That still didn’t fix the problem, so I had the technician log in. We found that the default network route was configured wrong (don’t ask me how that happens in the middle of the night) so I fixed the default route (which meant sending the information to the default router rather than the network address.) which fixed the problem and everyone is happy now.

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