Fun with telemarketers

I have always been annoyed when telemarketers call and try to sell me something that I don’t want now, and never will want. As I have grown older my opinion of telemarketers has not really changed much. That said, my outlook on how to deal with them has changed. What in the world does that mean? Well, as I have grown older I have discovered that most people don’t like telemarketers either, so the nicest thing for me to do is to tie up these telemarketers for as long as I can.

At first I started asking them to hold, and then I would walk away. That was an alright way of dealing with the menace, but I figured there was more that could be done. As a result, I started letting the telemarketers give me their sales pitch, and then tell them to hold. Although this worked sufficiently well, I did not really get to have much fun with them.

I then found some very interesting videos on YouTube that show an very efficient way to deal with them. A way that allows me to have fun yet time the sales person up for a long time. How about you watch them for yourself, they are fairly self explanatory.

This one shows the power of a little social engineering and also shows that you need to be careful about what you say.

And here is a fun on that shows how easy it is to annoy a telemarketer. I must warn you it is a little long, but it is funny!

I think that it’s just some good quality fun! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I couldn’t stop laughing while I watched the first one.

2 Responses to “Fun with telemarketers”

  1. sharonj1955 says:

    I think you must have too much spare time. How in the world do you find these crazy clips? I’ve always been bothered with telemarketers, but I usually just say I’m not interested and hang up before they can say much.

    • Me says:

      I actually just came across them while working on my normal work stuff. I have found some very funny/interesting things in the side bars.

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