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Jumping over dollars to save pennies

Monday, June 8th, 2009

I have never understood the mentality that a lot of people seem to take. They take a stance of jumping over dollars to save pennies. I saw this when I worked for Subway, owners would complain about giving out coupons, when time after time having coupons continuously showed that sales went up, therefore the store would make more money. Now I get to deal with this with another former employer. I have had colocation for more than a year now at the same place, in fact I have 3 servers that are at day 408 for uptime.

Since I found a new job that would pay me nearly double, my “employee discount” was taken away (without notifying me, which is a whole other topic of discussion) and now that I am calling them trying to get any kind of discount, you would think a loyal customer of more that a year would get some kind of discount, even if it were 10% (even the competition is saying that they can beat them by at least 10%. So instead of giving me a discount, since I was a good employee (maybe they feel like I left them hanging… Which in someways I did, but I gave them 4 months notice, guess what guys, you have to pay programmers what they are worth) and a faithful bill paying customer, that they would give a dicount right. Nope, got to charge full price so we don’t lose any money!

What happens when you lose the customer entirely? Is that worth saving a few bucks. In my book it’s not. But, I guess to each his own, good luck… Hope you don’t lose more customers, but if you treat other customers the way you treated me…. Then they are going to be suffering pretty bad soon.

New and Improved, but is it really?

Monday, June 8th, 2009

So I keep hearing about the “New and Improved” this, and the “New and Improved that… It made me stop to think for a while, If it is new, it was recently created, and has no history, and therefore can not be improved. If it is improved, it is old and has a history and is therefore not new. So where in the world did this oxymoron come from?

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