World record for Donkey Kong LIVE

STEVE WIEBE is attempting to break the world record for Donkey Kong, he is doing it right now live, watch it live This guy is crazy good!

4 Responses to “World record for Donkey Kong LIVE”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I don’t understand… break the world record of a score on Donkey Kong or time or ? I guess I’m not that game saavy… maybe one day…

  2. Grandma J says:

    I couldn’t figure this one out. I guess I’m just not very techno-savvy.

  3. Lil' sis says:

    Hey your comments work! You guys should try the new Dr. Mario for Wii. It’s wicked! We are totally hooked! They have the old school and a new game where players can join your game and you can move blocks wherever you want! It’s super fun! Glad to see your still yourself!

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