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Being as how I ride the bus all the time, I get to sit by a wide variety of people. These people have a wide variety of thoughts and beliefs. I have found it very interesting to sit by certain people that are known as “conspiracy theorists.” One in particular caught me attention a few days ago. He kept talking about how Social Security numbers are the sign of the beast mentioned in the Bible. Really? Last time I checked there were several aspects to the sign of the beast that don’t match Social Security numbers. Such as Revelations 11:13 that talks about not being able to buy or sell unless a person were to use that number, well, sorry last time I checked, I can buy (and sell) stuff with out using my Social Security number, Sorry dude, don’t think it’s that one. It really is interesting to talk to these kinds of people. Do you have any fun stories about talking to someone like this? Let me know.

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  1. Jaron says:

    There is a lot of stuff out there that does requrie a SSN when you buy it. Scary to think of how much is out there. Still food for thought.

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