Stargate Universe: Life

I got to watch Stargate Universe’s latest episode called “Life”. I was quite excited for it since last weeks episode “Time” seemed to return to the roots of what Stargate is in my mind. Sadly, this one went right back to the slow moving way that Stargate Universe has seemed to be going. This episode also introduced even more of the unneeded sexual innuendo (Some of which is implied A LOT). I am starting to think that it is time to give up on this series.

2 Responses to “Stargate Universe: Life”

  1. Mr. Van Dyke says:

    That is too bad about Stargate Universe. It seems they are taking the Battlestar Galatica approach, and sexing stuff up for no real reason. Maybe for season 2, they will change things up and focus on a good story, without making it sleazy.

  2. Ryan Pitt says:

    I gave up on Universe after about five or six episodes. I was upset that I had to do it as I’m a long-time stargate fan. But all the sex and innuendo just isn’t needed and I’d rather not support it.

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