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Let’s create some jobs

Friday, April 9th, 2010

We all know that the economy has taken a pretty hard hot over the last few years. Everything seems to be in trouble, but something has been troubling me more than anything else. I am refering to the high unemployment rate that seems to be creeping higher everyday.

I could easily speculate at the reason for this increase. But that isn’t what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is the creation of jobs. I find it quite interesting that the way they judge if the job market is doing well or not is by looking at the basic number of jobs created. President Obama is being praised for creating so many jobs, but as I look at it we need to do more than just that. We need to look at the quality of jobs being created.

Sure we might have created several hundred thousand jobs. But they are all blur collar hard labor low paying jobs. We need to be competing with the rest of the world at a much stronger level. But no! All our hard earned tax dollars need to build better roads rather than putting the money to better tasks. Why aren’t we competing at a level on par with the rest of the world? Let’s put aside political agendas and power struggles and solve these problems. Let’s create some jobs that can really elevate those around us. We don’t need to take advantage of each other in order to have the things we want and need. (unless we want to take advantage of other people.)

SSL Encryption and Flash

Friday, April 9th, 2010

I have written this bad boy several times, and something keeps happening to it. Perhaps I will add some more details in the future. The main point of this is to save other people time. I spend three days trying to figure this out and figure that others would be appreciative of the information.

The symptom: A clients flash game site for children would act like the user was not logged in, even when we just barely logged into the site. (Specifically in Internet Explorer.)

The issue: Turns out that in Internet Explorer (6 and 7 did it, this was before 8 was released) flash (Which I might add is horrible!!!) has a problem with caching XML in combination with an SSL certificate. As a result, it would blow up in our faces.

The solution: Add headers to the code, that tell Internet Explorer to NOT cache the xml. Seems so simple, but once again, the geniuses in Redmond Washington and at Adobe show their mind numbing brilliance.

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